Workshop:Arduino Engineering Kit 600-006

Workshop:Arduino Engineering Kit

Workshop:Arduino Engineering Kit 600-006

Designed for workshops to learn about Arduino, sensors, actuators, coding and design. Includes online educational resources.


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"This kit is designed for Workshops to learn about Arduino, Sensors, Actuators, Coding and Design. It includes a full how-to guide online, and comes with the following:

YourDuinoRoboRED Arduino-UNO-compatible with built-in 3-pin I/O connectors, higher-current 5.0V and 3.3V supply.

1 x Bluetooth Radio remote interface: connect to Smartphones etc.
5 x Big push-button switches [Digital Input]
2 x 10K Potentiometers that fit breadboard well [Analog Input]
5 x 10K Photo Resistors (Light sensors) [Analog Input]
1 x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor [Digital Signal Input]
1 x Joystick Module {Analog Input]
1 x Digital temperature sensor DS18B20 [Digital Signal Input]
1 x LCD Display 2 lines of 16 characters [Signal Output]
50 x LEDs - 5 assorted colours, plus 10 220 ohm resistors (below) [Digital or Analog Output]
1 x Red-Green-Blue Multicolour LED [Digital or Analog Output]
1 x Buzzer Module (makes sound with voltage applied) [Digital Output]
1 x Beeper Module (Makes different sounds/tones with Arduino TONE Library) [Analog Output]
1 x Servo Motor (Mechanical positioning from digital pulses] [Digital Signal Output]
1 x Small Stepper Motor with driver board [Digital Signal Output]
1 x DC Motor small 5V
1 x Power Transistor NFET (Can control DC motor, other large DC loads)
2 x 3-pin cables to 3-pin connectors that fit the Robo1 and various Electronic Bricks etc.
2 x 3-pin cable to separate wire ends that connect the Robo1 to any device
1 x USB Cable (50cm)
1 x 40 wide flat rainbow color cable that can be separated to make many different cables
2 x 40 pin strips that can be separated to connect cables to breadboard and other devices
10 x 220 ohm resistors (LED current limit etc.) and 10K resistors (switch pullups etc.)
1 x 8cm high-quality Breadboard with power and ground strips"
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