Getting the most out of 3D printing in the classroom

3D printing is one of the greatest things to happen to Design and Technology. It’s literally changed how we make things, inspiring a generation. Even with all the amazing gadgets that young adults see every day, 3D printers just have a bit of magic about them. They create possibilities, and that is captivating.

Bringing technology into art education

We teamed up with freelance designer, Emma, from East Lothian to understand how technology can be exploited to create art.

The right materials for the task

Hopefully you enjoyed our 6 things you should know about your Design Technology materials and that it inspired you to try something a bit different. While these are great things to know about the materials you regularly use, it’s also important to make sure you can choose the correct material for your chosen project.

Are you ready to bring creative ideas to life?

Last week we discussed ways to empower students’ creativity in the design process. However, just having an idea isn’t enough. It’s the doing that counts. 

Five great ways to empower students’ creativity in the design process

In D&T we’re tinkerers, so naturally we want to build, modify, and adapt. Testing our prototypes in real life, working with our clients to improve the design, ultimately this is human centred design. And behind it all, the iterative design process.

So here are some great ways to inspire critical thinking and empower students to look at design ideation in different ways.

6 things you should know about your Design & Technology materials

At Technology Supplies, we don’t just want to help you by supplying the best materials to support your teaching, we want to share the best ways of working with it too. Here are some useful things about the materials themselves and project ideas which we think are well worth knowing.

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