Strengthen your bid to future-proof your workshop



Need help bidding for capital equipment?

Do you need new equipment in your workshop or classroom, but need support to put together a strong bid for your senior leadership team?  

Help is at hand! We’ve worked with teachers and senior management in schools to put together this guide to help you make your bid stronger. 

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What 21st-century learning looks like...

Making sure you win the bid for quality equipment and machinery is fundamental to future-proofing your workshop, and ensuring students have the right equipment to support their creative minds for many years to come. 

Consider only quality, education ready machinery.

Kitting out your workshop with education ready, quality machinery is essential when putting together your bid. Cutting corners on imported and cheap equipment will not only increase the risk of harm to your students but will result in the rise of ongoing costs and possibly a reduced lifespan of your machines for maintenance and repair long term. You may even face a large outlay to replace your equipment much earlier than expected.

Mercury 40W Laser                                  Hegner Scrollsaws                               TS440 Education Bandsaw

                         Mercury 40W Laser         Hegner Scrollsaws          TS440 Education Bandsaw

Engaging Spaces for Design, Technology and Engineering.

The challenge of 21st-century learning is in creating environments and spaces in which teachers can teach and learners can learn most effectively to succeed.  

Transform the utilisation and application of your technical and practical learning spaces with our range of fully mobile furniture and equipment. Fit-out progressive Design Studios or more traditional layouts – taking your space from functional to flexible. 

Akira™ - Mobile Technical Equipment

Akira™ - Mobile Technical Equipment for practical education.

The new Akira™ System from WF Education is a carefully selected range of fully mobile and robust furniture. Create totally flexible, technical spaces for design and STEAM education with our range of workbenches, stores, machinery, and equipment. 

Designed and developed to completely transform your workshop into a space fit for 21st-century skills development, the range provides autonomy, flexibility and variance when teaching D&T.  

ONE space, endless configurations...

Akira™ System

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