Introducing the modular system for IoT and Robotics in Education... MODI

Discover MODI... the simple, adaptable, scalable, teacher and student-friendly modular robotics system!

Designed and developed by Korean manufacturer, Luxrobo, the module units and accompanying "MODI Studio" software allow for schools to teach students, from ages 7 to 18, robotics technology and programming in practical, re-usable (from lesson to lesson) format.



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How simple is it?

MODI has been developed to cater for teachers and students of a variety of abilities and knowledge. For a teacher, the MODI Education Packs are complete with project plans which teach robotics and programming through real-world applications, providing relevant to students.

The system can be used as a standalone unit - using the software to code either through the easy-to-use drag and drop programming tool, or using multiple coding languages. Or MODI modules can be used to make real-world products - incorporating design and making skills into a product, and fixing MODI module inputs (microphones, environment sensors, buttons), outputs (motors, speakers, LED displays), and network modules (allowing for Bluetooth, Wifi and USB connectivity).



When is MODI available?

MODI has arrived in the UK, and is now available! Technology Supplies is the exclusive distributor of MODI in the UK.




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