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  • Smart Materials Sample Pack


    This kit contains shape memory alloy, liquid crystal technology, a sample of lenticular sheet, self-contained programmable controller and a guide and suggestions for experiment.

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  • Graphite Levitation Kit


    "When the magnets are arranged in a matrix on the base plate, the graphite will levitate just above their surface."

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  • Black Light Starter Kit


    Black light pigments are microencapsulated materials that absorb UV radiation at the near-invisible end of the spectrum (hence ‘black light’) and re-emit the absorbed energy as visible light of various

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  • Fascinating Look At Smart Material Book


    "This publication will help inform, support and inspire all those with an interest in the creative use of smart materials."

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  • Chameleon Nano Flakes


    This material consists of nano-size silicon flakes covered with a titanium compound. The flakes possess amazing light scattering properties if mixed with clear varnishes or polymers.

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  • Hydrochromic Paint


    A paint formula which changes from opaque to transparent when it gets wet.

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