Inspiring Tomorrows Engineers With 3D Printing at the F1 In Schools National Finals 2019


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F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2019 at Airbus.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand this week. What an excellent few days, and it was fantastic to see such a superb standard of work, passion, and drive from the UK's incredibly talented students!
If you visited our stand, you may have seen some of the content we have developed to help you source a new Laser Cutter or 3D Printer. Don't worry however if you didn't get a chance to pop over, or if you weren't at the event, you can download our handy guides below: 

Airbus gave us an insightful talk on the speed of change from the industrial and science revolution, to today’s fast paced technological revolution.

3D printing plays a huge role in industry and technological developments, playing a fundamental part in the development of existing and new advancing technologies, including advanced aeronautical projects that will transform the way we live.
3D printing technology offers the organisations behind developing these technologies a solution that not only makes processing complex shapes a much simpler process, but reduces energy, lead times, and makes significant cost efficiencies in prototyping and manufacturing both metal and plastics.
Seeing tomorrows generation of designers and engineers in this environment was both exciting and inspirational to watch. A huge well done to all competing teams.  
We had some great fun with students on our stand looking at a range of things that can be 3D Printed in school, and the variety of materials available from biodegradable, low odour PLA, glow in the dark smart materials to flexible but incredibly strong Nylon.
To find out more about the types of 3D printing machines and materials available to you, get in touch at [email protected] or on 0845 567 0000.