Embracing Innovation & Creativity at the DATA Excellence Awards 2018


As sponsors of the 'Innovation and creativity in Design and Technology' award, Technology Supplies would like to say a big congratulations to our award winner, Shamshad Azad from Horton Park School, Bradford, West Yorkshire. His prize includes a new 3D Printer, supplied by Technology Supplies which he will receive very soon. 


Here's why Shamsha won his award...

As school leader of design & technology, Shamshad has played an integral role in ensuring a high-quality provision across all year groups, including cooking and nutrition which is a key priority for the school due largely to the fact that Horton Park School is situated in one of the most deprived areas of one of the most deprived cities in the country.

On accepting the post, Shamshad completely re-wrote our curriculum offer, integrating our D&T and cooking/nutrition curriculums together and developing our school’s own assessment framework for Design.  He works across school covering all Key Stages to motivate and inspire pupils to cook and eat healthily in our very own purpose-built kitchen which Shamshad has converted into a colourful and purposeful learning environment in a building that was previously the Caretaker’s house. 

Through his passion for the subject and sheer dedication and commitment, he has developed a whole school approach to our D&T Curriculum pulling in teachers, parents and members of the local community. Feedback from parents who have attended classes with their sons/daughters in school, suggests this is now making a massive impact in their households as families are now looking to cook their own dishes, exploring nutritional information on food packages and also not opting for the fast food options which they previously relied upon to feed their families. 

As D&T Lead, Shamshad goes over and beyond his subject boundaries, despite having a full-time teaching timetable. Through Shamshad’s hard work we are seeing happy, healthy children who are keen to learn.  I strongly feel Shamshad has taken an open and innovative approach to curriculum delivery and deserves the highest recognition for the difference he makes to the lives of our children and their families on a day to day basis.

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