Driven by industry, shaped by educators, delivered by Technology Supplies.

Creovo is a modern, flexible space created to change and adapt; an evolving learning environment designed to develop skills of the future.

Collaboration, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity.

In the Zone...

Advanced Manufacturing
...where students learn how technology can be integrated into the manufacturing process to create innovative new products.
Recommended equipment: includes laser cutters, CNC routers, fume extractors and 3D printers.

Digital Design
...a modern design studio, a space where creativity can flourish and teamwork is encouraged.
Recommended equipment: includes kinetic laptop/macs, mobile workstations and desks, modern storage and shelving solutions and a large format printer.

...this is the student’s practical work area.
Recommended equipment: includes vacuum formers, dust extractors, drills, fretsaws, bandfacers and team work benches.

...a ‘clean’ area where technology brings people together, where students learn that sharing and cooperation can improve a project’s outcome.
Recommended equipment: includes interactive HD 32 touchpoint video wall, LED HD multi touch interactive touchscreen table and presentation screen.

Advanced Technology
...a highly innovative environment where new technologies, coding and programming are explored.
Recommended equipment: includes solder fume extractors, design desks, under bench storage, low voltage power and overhead lighting. A wide range of robotic and drone technology projects are also available.

Creative Art
...the latest in art studio facilities featuring the latest technologies to create modern pieces including smart fabrics.
Recommended equipment: includes visualisers, light boxes, 3D drawing boards and e-textile sewing machines.

Personalise your space...

Large or small, personalise your space with the zones that support your teaching priorities.

Creovo is a fully adaptable space which is tailored to the requirements of the school/college and its chosen teaching curriculum. The immersive multi-subject environment provides progressive, iterative learning, whilst retaining the multi-purpose nature of a room through mobile work stations.

Start your journey...

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