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  • LED 5mm Red Flashing Pack of 10


    High quality LED's for PCB or panel mounting. FLASHING Packs of 10 - Flash rate 2.4Hz. Supply voltage 9-12v. No series resistor required.

    LED 5mm Red Flashing Pack of 10 COMPARE
  • Light Dependent Resistor


    A photoconductive cadmium sulphide LDR housed in a sealed epoxy case with clear lens window. Resistance decreases as light increases.

    Light Dependent Resistor COMPARE
  • Voltmeter DC 0-15V


    An economical bench meter designed specifically for educational use. This model features dual ranges with large easy to read scales. Connection is via captive 4mm terminals. Size: 100

    Voltmeter DC 0-15V COMPARE

9 Item(s)

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