Back To School with the D&T Specialists

To welcome you back to the new school year, we have three massive ways we can help you to get the equipment you need, on-time, at the best price possible!

We continue to stock over 8,000 products in our UK warehouse so that we can get them out to you as fast as possible. Need some support? As ever, our Customer Support team is on-hand to help you choose your products, place your order, and then help out with any technical issues for the product's lifetime.

Our service for D&T and Engineering products is unrivalled!

Essentials Offers

Grab Back to School offers on Acrylics, HIPS, Aprons, Blades, Tapes, Adhesives, Paints & more - available for a limited period!

Coding & Robotics

If you're looking to get into Coding this term, we have two education-ready products which stretch the capabilities of Robotics in the classroom - both with limited-time offers!


Machinery Leasing

Brand new this term, Technology Supplies now allows you to spread the cost of equipment purchases, giving you access to machinery which may have previously been out of reach!


Essentials Offers

We've worked hard to maintain our high levels of service to our customers and vast range of products while keeping our prices affordable. To show our dedication to getting the best prices for you, we're running the following offers to help you get everything sorted for the new term.

Acrylic Sheets

We've smashed the prices of some of our most popular acrylic sheet packs so you can get more for less! Save up to 24% with this offer.

Lots of choice, fantastic prices

Save a massive 43% on high impact polystyrene sheets with this offer!

Stock up on dowel for the new term

Save up to 27% with this offer!

Consistently low prices on ply

Low, low prices on our range of plywood. Now's the time to stock up!

Stay safe with PPE and Safety Aprons

Great offers on our unique aprons with hook and loop quick release!

IsoSketch Drawing Aid
Teach isometric drawing with ease

Now only £46.99 for a pack of ten!

Cutting Mats and Knives Bundle
Perfect for Graphics, Art, and Crafts

Save 10% on this ten-of-everything bundle, now only £75.37!

Glue Guns
Tools you can rely on

Save up to 15% on bundles

Plastikote Spray Paints
Great quality spray paints, now even cheaper

Save up to 13% on these superb spray paints!

Tapes & Adhesives
Huge range of great value products

Save up to 20% on your essential tapes and adhesives!


Coding & Robotics

Coding and Robotics are now widely recognised in schools as crucial skills required to develop students for a future workforce, and engage them in real-world contextual challenges. But delivering a coding eduction as a non-specilist is the real challenge... until now...

Technology Supplies now offers two coding and robotics solutions, which allow teachers of all levels to not only deliver an engaging coding education, but also to teach them soft skills through project-based learning, such as collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.

The two solutions are ready-to-teach... meaning they both have a plug 'n' play mode, a simple drag and drop software interface (as well as code interfaces for advanced students), and, crucially, are accompanied by teaching resources - all of which allow specialists and non-specialists alike to have the confidence to teach coding.

MODI Modular Robotics

MODI is the most advanced modular robotics system available to education. Available exclusively through Technology Supplies, it combines simple, intuitive software with modular hardware that can either be used as a standalone system, or can be used to develop prototypes and products which solve real-world problems.

The opportunities are endless!

OFFER: 10% OFF all MODI bundles!
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Parrot Drones

Parrot is considered to be the world-leader in the development of consumer-level drones, and with the inception of the Parrot Education programme, now provides a superb way to teach coding in the classroom.

Parrot is a system which allows you to get to grips with coding in no time - offering an out-of-the-box solution, which is already made up and bundled with engaging teaching resources. Combining coding with a "disruptive technology" provides real engagement with students, and allows their learning to really take off!

OFFER: 15% OFF Parrot Drone bundles!
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Useful Coding Resources

We have some resources which may help you to get coding into your lessons.

5 Tips For Setting Up a STEM Club

Are you looking to set up a STEM Club in your school? Ensure you read our top tips before you do!


10 Uses For Drones In Your School

Advanced technologies can be used across all subjects to inspire learning and engage students with real-world challenges. Read this guide to see how drones can be used in all subjects.


Our Promise...

We will continue to support D&T and related subjects by providing high quality products at affordable prices, backed up with the customer support which brings you peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your products.

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