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  • Squeegee Wooden 300mm


    Wooden 12inch squeege for use with Screenprinting.

    Squeegee Wooden 300mm COMPARE
  • Screen Print Filler


    Designed to block out areas not intended to be printed. 8oz.

    Screen Print Filler COMPARE
  • Drawing Fluid


    Applied with a brush then the entire screen is covered with screen filler when the screen filler is dry the drawing fluid can be washed out allowing

    Drawing Fluid COMPARE
  • Photo Emulsion Kit


    Photo Emulsion makes possible the printing of fine line drawings & photographic half-tone positives. Produces sharp high quality images. Kit includes: 1 bottle of photo emulsion 1 bottle

    Photo Emulsion Kit COMPARE
  • Screen Printing Starter Kit


    10 x 14inch screen frame fabric squeegee 4oz of black red yellow screen ink 4oz screen filler 4oz drawing fluid 4oz photo emulsion

    Screen Printing Starter Kit COMPARE
  • System 3 Screen Print Medium 1 Litre


    Retards acrylic drying time, reducing the risk of screen blocking.

    System 3 Screen Print Medium 1 Litre COMPARE

9 Item(s)

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