About Us


"Our purpose as an organisation is to provide schools and colleges with a ‘one stop shop’ for the supply and installation of quality products and equipment to support the challenging and constantly evolving Design & Technology, Engineering, and Art curriculum."

A vital element of this vision is to remain at the forefront of future developments and curriculum changes in order to provide our customers with the latest innovative products and the highest level of customer service."

Our Core Values


•             We act with honesty

•             We make the right decisions for ourselves and all our stakeholders


Long-Term Customer Relationships         

•             We seek to understand and meet our customers’ needs

•             We offer new and innovative products and services

•             We treat customers with respect and earn their loyalty

•             We respond promptly and professionally to customer requests

•             We protect our customers’ confidentiality



•             We question and observe to create opportunities and solve problems

•             We connect problems or ideas that others find unrelated

•             We exchange ideas with others to expand our thinking

•             We experiment with fresh ideas

•             We are not afraid of failures and we learn from them


Performance Excellence              

•             We care enough to do the best possible work

•             We persist in the face of challenges and setbacks

•             We learn from constructive feedback

•             We achieve our goals and recognise excellence


Continuous Improvement          

•             We strive to improve everything we are responsible for

•             We measure our performance to seek improvements

•             We collaborate across working teams to achieve better results

•             We share our learnings with others

•             We learn from others’ experiences

•             We constantly strive to improve value for our customers

•             We encourage personal and professional growth


Company Mission

We are proud to be the leading supplier of creative and innovative Design & Technology products, services and solutions that inspire educators worldwide.